Senior Author: Andrei Rațiu

Article published in CERTITUDINEA Nr. 128

A prominent personality of contemporary politics in our country is Senator Diana Iovanovici Şoşoacă, president of the SOS Romania Party. Endowed by God with rare moral qualitys that only the people chosen by HE receive, she naturally succeeds in moving the Romanian patriots in New York and the United States of America to tears, through the direct, well-documented and honest approach to major issues faced by our compatriots both in the country and in the diaspora.

Permanently invited to the broadcasts of the journalist Luis Lazarus from ZeusTV, the famous Diana Şoşoacă is currently enjoying a huge wave of sympathy and love from the Romanians thanks to the legislative initiatives in the Romanian Parliament and the successful crowning of many civic actions of crucial importance for saving sovereignty and national identity.

The involvement, always courageous and total, of Diana Şoşoacă on the nation’s barricade for the defense of Christianity, of the fundamental interests of Romanians and Romania, rightfully make her the only viable hope for the Presidential elections in 2024.

Andrei Rațiu – New York, SUA

Certified Consultant at the US Institute

of Diplomacy and Human Rights

Washington, DC

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