Senior Author: Andrei Rațiu

Article published in CERTITUDINEA Nr. 129

▪️ One of the most followed influencers and content creators in Romania is a renowned world-class chef named Alexandru Basarabă.

As a clever Transylvanian, him became a professional chef at the age of 17 and today at 35, he is considered an undisputed genius of inventions in international gourmet cuisine.

▪️ His YouTube channel currently has 62,000 thousand subscribers and over 7 million views, and growing.

▪️ His first passion was football, becoming a junior student at Club Inter Sibiu which, unfortunately, disbanded, and with him his dream of becoming a great footballer.

▪️ Being a cute boy (1.90 m tall), with blue eyes and a well-built body, he attracted the attention of modeling agents who proposed to train him to become a model. He had successful fashion shows and a promising outlook, but the modeling agency closed and with it his rise.

▪️ After football and modeling, Alexandru Basarabă finally realizes that his passion is gastronomy and dedicates his time to the exclusivity of this career, following the courses of some specialized schools.

▪️ He worked as a chef in Germany, in the Bavaria area, where his culinary dishes delighted costumers of  high class restaurants.

▪️ Equally, his physical qualities made him a huge success with the fairer sex.

So it happened that more than 65 young German women asked Alexandru to marry them, enchanted by the blue eyes of our Romanian guy.

▪️ It is atypical, indeed, for a chef to look like a top mannequin, but the whole German adventure  of Alexandru Basarabă culminated in winning the title of „The sexiest master of culinary art in Europe”, as result of the overwhelming online vote given for this contest by the female public.

▪️ Then he decided to travel the world for new professional experiences, cooking traditional local recipes from Spain (Valencia), Portugal (Porto and Casais) and Greece (Crete), with his fiancee, with whom he celebrates 10 years this year of faithful coexistence.

▪️ In 2018, Alexandru Basarabă opened the well-known restaurant Avocado, in the heart of the city of Sibiu, which he raised to the highest level and sold it turnkey as a brand business, exactly one month before the start of the 2020 pandemic.

▪️ Alexandru Basarabă is a model of a young Christian Romanian, patriot, proud of his area of ​​origin, Sibiu, and is accomplished from a material, professional and personal point of view. He honors the country where he was born, Romania.

Andrei Rațiu – New York, USA

Certified Consultant at the US Institute

of Diplomacy and Human Rights

in Washington, DC

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